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Ally Horticulture Services

Consulting and Cultivation Solutions


Meet Britney Hunter


I started my career in horticulture 20 years ago at a local nursery.  After earning an advanced degree and holding several prestigious positions, my priority is to help companies across the U.S. improve their businesses.  Learn More

I bring a value to the industry as an individual with high professional standards and advanced technical training. I love learning about operations and getting to know the unique, hard working people behind a business.

Why Ally?

I consider myself a personal ally to the clients and companies I serve. I work to understand clients unique needs and goals to identify creative ways of improving productivity and cash flow. My work goes beyond basic conversational consulting to help companies and individuals solve problems step by step.

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Britney has 19 years of experience in the horticulture industry and has performed at every level of business operations. She specializes in crop health diagnostics, operation management, and indoor cannabis cultivation.

  • 3 yr – Nursery Plant Specialist

  • 6 yr – Research & Farm Assistant

  • 6 yr – Horticulture Assistant Professor

  • 2 yr – Fertilizer Research Agronomist

  • 2 yr – Indoor Cannabis Operator


Advanced problem solving requires diligence and a comprehensive approach. Britney uses expert techniques and a specialized professional network to ensure high quality, long term solutions for clients and businesses.

  • B.S. in Horticulture / Business

  • M.S. in Plant Science

  • Licensed Pesticide Applicator

  • Licensed and insured LLC


Ally Horticulture Services creates customized programs and assists with  projects including but not limited to:

  • Fertilizer and pest programs

  • Production scheduling

  • Training and LMS

  • Technical writing

  • Research & development

  • Operations management

  • Facility design

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Ally Horticulture can help solve a specific problem and develop protocols for continued success.  

Employee Training

Ally Horticulture offers learning experience design for businesses and employees.  Visit Ally LMS for details.

Training topics:

  • Employee onboarding

  • Compliance

  • Safety

  • Professional Skills

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